Final Project

For my final assignment, I decided to make a gun sync video. What is a gun sync video? It’s basically having gun sounds from video games to be in sync with the music. In this video, chose the music Fade by Alan Walker. The process of this video was to first record me using multiple guns in the game then I used Sony Vegas Pro to slip all the recorded video to small section to sync up with music.

To my horror, this was a very long time-consuming process. Although the video is short it took 5-6 hours just edit it. I hope you like the finished product.

Photo Mash

For this assignment, I picked two characters that are always confused by the public. I figured they are the best pick for this assignment. They are Gandalf Dumbledore!

Radio Show Summary

For my part of the radio show, I chose to talk about the recent Thor Ragnorok trailers. I had to look through various trailers to have out that would sound good for the listening audience with the announcer mention the characters involved. After I planned a script on what I would talk about in the trailer and give a brief summary of the movie. I used my phone as my microphone and edited the audio files with Audacity. Here’s the final product of the radio show:


Fictional Radio Ad

Soundboard Conversation

Daily Crates


Digital Audio – Week 6


Lots of sound editing this week with Audacity. The DS106 radio show I turn out for played Jessica Jones in audio. This experience led me to appreciate the background music used in the show itself.


Radio Show Ideas

The Man From Krypton

Covers By Different Artists Same Song

The Contest Nobody Could Win

T-Rex Breakout

Daily Crates:

Radio Show Ideas

A superhero show where we talk about the current news on superheroes is an interesting thing to do. We can cover lots of media like comics or upcoming movies. Another interesting idea is theory crafting on the upcoming superhero content, there is no limit how outlandish the theory can be. This just prolongs the radio show and generates interest in the process.